What are the “Most Patriotic” Brands?

With the Fourth of July just days passed, big brands were hoping to lure customers with an emotional pull based on values of patriotism and flag-waving emotion. As part of a brand survey—4,500 consumers evaluating 197 brands —Brand Keys, a consulting firm, conducted a “drill-down” to identify which for-profit brands are seen as more associated with the individual value of “patriotism.”

The brands that showed up in the top-20 could all reasonably be called ‘American icons.’ Percentages represent the degree to which the brand was seen to meet consumers’ reaction on how much patriotism was credited to the brand.

1. Jeep (98%)
2. Hershey’s (97%)
3. Coca-Cola (97%)
4. Levi Strauss (95%)
5. Disney (95%)
6. Colgate (94%)
7. Zippo (93%)
8. Wrigley’s (92%)
9. Ralph Lauren (91%)
10. Kodak (90%)
11. Gillette (90%)
12. New Balance (89%)
13. Harley-Davidson (89%)
14. Budweiser (88%)
15. Marlboro (88%)
16. Ford (86%)
17. Louisville Slugger (85%)
18. Smith & Wesson (85%)
19. GE (84%)
20. John Deere (82%)


Take a look at the list above…

Do you see any brands in the top 20 that you wouldn’t have expected? Are there any companies that you associate with patriotism that aren’t on the list?

There is one brand in particular that we thought would at least make it in the top 10…Articulon!!! Oh well, there must have been an error in the data.

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