Video, Video, Video It’s All About Video

Today, everyone has a high-powered video camera at their fingertips. And, video is a great way to share your message and story. But, is just grabbing your camera and hitting GoLive or record what you should do? 

For brands and businesses, the answer is generally NO. There is an important reputation to be considered – your brand’s. That means paying attention to the video quality: the quality of the content and the quality of the recording (format, focus, lighting and audio). So before you hit the red button on your screen, here are some questions to consider:

  • Does this have to be a live video? Going “Live” is great. But, often you are better served by recording and doing some minor edits before posting. Moreover, if no one knows or is expecting you to go live, you may not have anyone watching your important moment.
  • Where is the video getting posted? If you are shooting a video for “Stories” on Facebook or Instagram a vertical phone is perfect. However, holding the phone horizontal is the right way to go for a Facebook post, YouTube, advertising and websites. 
  • Will background noise be an issue? Phones pick up everything including the breathing of the person holding them. Consider using a Bluetooth or wired microphone to capture the speaker and not everything else.
  • How is the lighting? Take a moment and snap a photo or two. Is it too dark? Is there a glare that will distract your viewer?
  • How short can you make it? The reality is you have less than 5 seconds to get the viewer engaged, and less than 1 minute to get to the point (:15 or :30 for an ad). Once you have grabbed the viewer they will watch longer if the content is exciting, informative or entertaining. 
  • What is the visual action? Sitting at a table or desk talking to the cameras generally won’t cut it, especially if you want viewers to watch for more than 5,10 or 15 seconds. Use graphics or walk around, give something for the viewer to see.

Yes, if you want to effectively communicate your message, you need videos to tell your story. Make sure the story the viewer hears is your story. Not the story of bad videography.

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