Setting Goals

After reading Mike’s most recent blog post about a couple of his New Year’s career resolutions on organization, it made me wonder what I had in store for 2014. Resolutions have always been a huge thing for me in my personal life, but I never considered them in my professional life. So I’ve put a lot of thought into what I would like to accomplish in the new year. Below are my top three career resolutions for 2014.

Become a Teacher

Beginning in just a few short days, Articulon will be bringing on two new team members. This will be the first time since joining the agency that I will no longer be the “new guy” in the office. Additionally, I have been placed in charge of the internship program and managing much of the day-to-day tasks of our two new “Articulates” (newbies). This is an intimidating task, because I have always only been responsible for myself and my own work, which is all within my control. However, throwing a new, third party into the mix will definitely be a leadership experience that I look forward to beginning.

Become a Speaker

With four years of education and seven months of agency experience under my belt, I have learned more than I ever thought possible in a short time. With this in mind, I’d like to share these experiences with industry peers. After feeling the rush of my first taste of this…(see Feeling Social blog post), I’ve realized how valuable it is for Articulon, and for myself to start showcasing knowledge and skills to the benefit of our clients. I also would love the opportunity to return to my alma mater to speak about my experience in the real world of PR – something that is not accurately portrayed in the classroom.

Become a Professional Peer

When I moved to Raleigh in May of 2013, I expected to make new friends quickly and fall into a group of like-minded young professionals. Sadly, eight months later, I still feel a void from this expectation. I realize this is partially my fault. However, my eyes have been opened to the lack of similarities and drive in some of the peers my age. As a young professional with huge dreams and aspirations, I look to surround myself with other people who can relate with my woes and rejoice with my successes; individuals who understand the industry and can motivate me to become a better professional. With this in mind, I look to become more involved in local organizations like Raleigh Public Relations Society and NCPRSA. Although sometimes they may seem like an added responsibility and distraction from day-to-day account management, I know it will pay off long term, and I look forward to more involvement in 2014. I know Raleigh-Durham is a great place for me to meet people and create a circle of peers.

As the new year rapidly approaches, I am thankful for the huge changes I have seen in 2013. It’s hard to comprehend the possibilities that 2014 may bring. However, I welcome them with open arms. As I work to succeed in all three of my resolutions, I encourage everyone to consider what it is they want to see in their professional life within the next 365 days and beyond. It’s hard to accomplish a goal without setting one first.

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