WCPE, TheClassicalStation.org

Increase local, regional and national awareness and listenership to WCPE, TheClassicalStation.org. WCPE is an all classical music radio station with tower broadcasting in central North Carolina and southern Virginia, cable and satellite reception across North American and six different live streaming formats available globally.

Beginning in June of 2004, a public relations campaign was launched to educate the media, consumers and member companies. Titled “BBB Consumer Alerts,”a media relations plan was implemented.

WCPE’s primary target audience is semi-affluent to affluent Americans over the age of 45 who are arts enthusiasts and would translate their appreciation into donations to the 100 percent listener supported station.

Hotly debated Internet streaming and satellite transmission royalty regulations had the potential of crippling the station financially if the royalty collection agency decided to charge WCPE royalties based on the letter of the law as opposed to the intent of the law. This meant the promotion of the station’s broadcast formats had to be extremely subtle as to not draw undue attention, and ad placement outside the tower broadcast footprint was impossible.

Articulon led several strategic planning meetings with WCPE to layout a course of action that would achieve results without putting the station at risk.

  • First, Articulon began Web site SEO.
  • Second, Articulon developed a steady stream of news releases about WCPE uniqueness which included:
    • listenership on all seven continents around the globe
    • free educational resources
    • Major events such as:
      • the WCPE tower being featured on Discovery Channels’ show Hazzard Pay
      • IBM honoring the late Al Rucchio for his work as host of WCPE’s Opera House program
      • WCPE’s call to arms letter writing campaign, during the most public of the royalty controversy
  • Third, Articulon worked with WCPE in generating weekly programming press releases distributed to local, regional and national entertainment and lifestyle reporters as well and classical music and arts publications.
  • Fourth, all 52 releases in 2007 were posted to Web-based news sites to increase SEO.

In addition to WCPE being featured in local, regional and  national print publications, WCPE’s on-line listenership  grew by 15 percent and on-line donation grew by 60 percent in one year.