Month 6: Lunch Date with Raleigh Rescue Mission

The month of July brings to mind hot dogs, watermelon and fireworks. Yet, perhaps Garfield may be the only other one celebrating National Lasagna Month with team at Articulon.

So how do you give back to the community and honor a dinner staple? You find a local program where every donation has an immediate impact on Raleigh citizens in need.

We’re continuing to focus on unique ways each month to celebrate our 10-year anniversary through reaching out to the community on a grassroots.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission

More than 50 years of changing lives for the better
On any given day, more than 100 men, women and children call the Raleigh Rescue Mission home. In addition to providing safe housing, clients are provided with on-site medical care, job training and counseling, from basic life skills to addiction support services. They also provide preschool daycare for clients and area families. Although the mission provides emergency shelter for women with children, the majority of residents are part of an individualized rehabilitation plan that addresses the reasons why they became homeless.

Cindy and Mike with Raleigh Rescue Mission staff members Leslie Millett and Chef Thomas

During our Raleigh Rescue Mission tour it was evident the great needs of people in our community. The computer class, staffed by volunteers, was full. Outside the front doors, the two large water coolers saw a steady stream of visitors trying to stay hydrated in the heat. Chef Thomas and his kitchen team of mission residents were well under way in making lunch for about 120 people. And, we witnessed children with smiles on their faces playing outside.

Receiving no state or federal funding, Raleigh Rescue Mission is dependent on donations just like Articulon’s pans of lasagna. Leslie Millett, director of public relations, shared that they are in constant need of all the everyday things people use at home, as well as financial donations.

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